Frederic Fuseau

Started in a little city call Poitiers in France as restaurant trainee and later on quickly moved on to Paris to work in some respectable organisation such as ”Chez Francis” or “La Coupole”.
After spending few years in Paris, England look to the be the next place to be, having worked for Sir Terence Conrad in Mezzo and Guaglinos, London was a great city to gain experience in the 90’s.
Manchester then became a trendy place were I decided to go and work along side a great chef called Jason Atherton at Mash & Air restaurant,
After taking a break in the Caribbean, I had an opportunity to come and take a new challenge at three on The bund, Started as a GM of New heights in 2005 now called pop for 5 years, moved on to open Mortons brand and first location in Pudong for 6 years.
Then I was asked to go back to three on the Bund as Food and beverage director for the whole building as well as location outside Shanghai, I spend 2 years trying my best to put some solid system in place regarding inventory data as well as working on CRM system.
Then the Zizzi opportunity came along which I tough would certainly be a great challenge and maybe the last one in China having already spend 14 years in the country-I would hope that my knowledge of China and doing business in that region would be beneficial to other individual, I have a very good understanding of the culture, I do hold an HSK 4 and currently study for an HSK 5( Chinese language proficiency) as well as a master degree from Jiaotong university.