Clara Ming Pi

Clara Pi is a highly seasoned foodservice/nutrition/sustainability and IT system consultant professional. Currently she serves on the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) Asia Pacific Board and World Wide Board.  She holds post graduate degrees from Canada and has over 40 years of healthcare foodservice management experience in Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.
Clara pioneered cook chill central food production, designed Nutrition/Foodservice computer systems in North America(1981) and Asia(1998). She built the first cook chill central kitchen for Hong Kong Hospital Authority in 1998 after successful pilot in 1996. Later, she was instrumental in building the first cook chill CPU in Mainland China and Taiwan. She implemented the first kitchen-less concept using cold plating  in Asia, setting the future direction of healthcare meal service for Hong Kong Hospital Authority.  In 2009 she was chosen by “Dietitians Canada” as “Leader in International Nutrition”.  
In 2006, Clara began her new journey in sustainability. In 2010, she published the first cook book in the world with carbon footprints entitled "Save our planet one carbon bite at a time"; and implemented 1st “Meatless Monday” program in Hong Kong healthcare settings.  In 2011, Clara spearheaded “Balanced Menus” recommended by Health Care Without Harm, resulting in carbon emission reduction as well as promoting health and disease prevention. Her team received the 2013 Hong Kong Hospital Authority Outstanding Team Award in Healthcare Foodservice. In 2019, Clara implemented the first Plant Based Menu and Meatless Friday Program  in her consultancy project at a hospital in China.
As professional consultant member of FCSI,  her contributions to the foodservice industry has won her the highest “Fellow” FCSI recognition and title in 2018.  Currently Clara is the adjunct associate professor at HKU and as foodservice consultant in Asia. Clara continues to promote and advocate plant based nutrition and sustainable foodservice at her projects and international conferences.