Ping Feng

冯憑 Ping Feng  
惠氏营养品(中国) 技术总监
Wyeth Nutrition (China)  Technical Director
奶粉中α-乳白蛋白的分析方法。2012年开发的用氨基酸系数定量婴儿奶粉中如清蛋白的方法在当年由AOAC推荐为“First Action”方法,并发表在AOAC杂志上。2016年所做的人奶中氨基酸及蛋白含量的研究发表在食品与营养杂志上。也曾在强生生物制药公司从事单克隆抗体定量分析方法开发和验证工作。
Ms. Feng have been working on amino acids and protein analysis in infant formulas for Wyeth Nutrition for 24 years. She has contributed to several infant formula protein innovations with evaluating protein quality to infant nutrition and development and validation of methods for amino acid analysis, individual intact protein quantification and molecular weight profile determination. In the two years she left Wyeth Nutrition, she had worked in QC lab of Novartis and analytical method development for monoclonal antibody drugs in The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies.
Ms. Feng’s laboratory expertise includes proficiency with HPLC, UPLC, cSDS, cIEF and all aspects of protein and amino acid analysis in infant formula matrix and biological samples. She has fundamental knowledge of proteomics of milk proteins. Her methods for alpha-lactalbumin quantification using GPC and amino acid analysis in infant formulas have been presented at AOAC annual meeting. Her method of determination whey protein content in infant formulas by amino acids analysis and the method of quantification of whey protein content in infant.