Song Liang

宋亮 高级行业分析师
曾供职于商务部市场运行司调控处,中商流通生产力促进中心(现更名商务部内贸信息中心)。目前任新华社瞭望智库乳业研究中心副主任,兼任中国农垦乳业联盟专家组组长及新华社特约经济分析师。长期致力于乳制品相关产业研究,对宏观经济理论与政策有深入研究。在商务部服务工作期间,多篇专报信息,被中办、国办采纳。部分文章观点以专报信息、内参形式获得总理批示。每年撰写相关行业报告,作为商务部内部参考资料。近几年,发表各类文章,接受媒体采访,主要观点、思想受到政府、企业认可。个人分析文章及观点常见于第一财经报、21世纪经济报道、中国经济日报、每日经济新闻、环球时报、china daily等经济主流媒体。
参与商务部《农产品卖难解决预案》、《城乡市场信息服务体系规划》等课题研究和编写。 参与农业部奶业合作课题项目,主要编写《中国奶业产业联结机制探索》、《中国乳业消费前景分析》、《中国酸奶消费特点及产业发展趋势》等课题,并在此基础上撰写了《从奶站的所属关系看企业与奶农的利益博弈》、《奶业发达国家生产组织模式分析及经验借鉴》、《新疆牧区奶业产业利益联结机制探索》等文章。
Song Liang, male, born in 1979, master degree of Economics School of Renmin University of China, worked at the industry researcher of the Commercial Circulation of Productivity Promotion Center , as well as the commentators for Several financial media. Long-term dedicated in the research of dairy and other agricultural products industries for more than six years. During the period of worked in the Ministry of Commerce, wrote and submitted the bulletins to the central committee of the communist party and the general office of the state council of the People's Republic of China, which some of the information had obtained the attention and agreements from the Premier of the State Council.
Wrote several Internal reference material of the related industry for the ministry of commerce each year, published articles as well as conducted interviews with the media about the situation of relevant industries which has received wide recognition from the industry insider.
Main Participation of the Subject Research and Writing:
Solve Plan of Difficulties in Selling Agricultural Products (Ministry of Commerce)
Hainan Produce Current Public Information Service Platform(Ministry of Commerce)
Explore of China's Dairy Industry Coupling Mechanism (Ministry of Agriculture)
China Dairy Consumption Prospects Analysis(Ministry of Agriculture)
The Trend of China Yogurt Consumption Characteristics and Industry Development(Ministry of Agriculture)
From the Relationship between Milk Standing Watch Enterprise and Milk Farming Interest and Gaming.
Analysis and Share the Experience of the Dairy Production from the Developed Countries.
Explore of the Mechanism of the Dairy Industry Benefit Coupling of Xinjiang Pastoral Areas.